Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thou Shall "NOT" Pout

This bold color lipstick and pouting is not for everyone sha!

All in the name of pouting, Shave the mustache!


Monday, March 19, 2012

I can't!!!, I just can't!!!!!!!!!

Omo, leave sha, some people have guts, True! Honest friends and family is one thing we have to be grateful for because i know none of my "real friends" will let me leave my room like this let alone leave the house. Ladies, do you ever do this? Take a picture of yourself before u leave the house? or when you are shopping take a picture of the outfit? Subconsciously, we do it to see how it will look in our own eyes, then go ahead and share the picture with our friends to get approval. If you don't do so, i advice you start, it will save you a whole lot of embarrassing moments as those i am about to feature.
I may sound like a broken record saying this, but it will always be my disclaimer, I DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE, people just think bloggers are out there to spite people indirectly, woh! not me! i don't gain or loose anything, matter of fact...i gain a lot of humor!!! lol

But on a constructive note, i do this for people to stay away from committing fashion blunders, these pictures are like BLACK AND WHITE, you see it right off the back that this is totally wrong...

the only thing missing is a pair of rabbit ears and a furry tail!

The most annoying part of this picture is that, this dress was made for her, so she couldn't sew her size?
But WHY?????

U can't tell me this chic did not use chalk on her lips and eye..u can't! 
Doesn't she look like an overflowing christmas hamper?

I don't know whats paining me, the belly? or the monkey coat?
This foolishness has to stop, looking like u about auditioning for Michael Jackson's Thriller Video. Hiss
I will slap this guy back to the future!! 
I don't want to know what she looked like before this "make over"...she was really made over!

 Do you know the father?
Boots for a party in Lagos?? oh i forgot, it was snowing that night! -__-

oh weeeee!!!! granny pant alert!!!

Funny how there is no picture, NOT even one that look like these offenders were caught unaware, they all came 
dressed for the various events, well "prepared". If any of these faces look familiar to you, warn them, tell them YOUNOTRY!!!! and if you don't know them, please help me laugh at them!

 Fashion is a way of saying who you are without speaking... you over think it you are bound to ruin it. Lets keep it simple but stylish.


Monday, February 13, 2012

...But WHY

Eh, i am lazy, but i am here now...thats all that matters! 
For those who may this may be the first post they have read from me...Please remember the photos you see are REAL LIFE PEOPLE, I don't know them (so its not like i am trying to get at them or something), the events are real and so are their blunders. I say this because, when i see pictures like this... I literally have the "you have to be kidding me, this is not real" kind of look of my face. So YES, it is serious and it is REAL

This is a rhetorical question but you can answer it in your head..Have you ever been invited to a party and you say "NO"? have you thought of the reasons why you said "No"?. Let me answer my own question, i do not attend any event i don't get at least a month advance invitation  ok i lied!! maybe one week...bottom line i will not just stand up and run to an event without figuring out what to wear especially to the so-called-Red Carpet events...Mba nu! 
So this is where my problem is, these "culprits" (for lack of better words) knew they would be attending  an event, where there maybe possible photographers better yet phones with cameras yet they show up looking a hot mess and borrow the guts and audacity to strike a pose. If you look closely at the pictures, NOT one of them was a stolen shot...meaning they all looked at the camera, smiled and posed! 
I am tired of singling people out and talking about what their outfits..but i will attach some interesting pictures and i will let you be the judge of them.
I DO NOT discriminate  any body size, weight or style...everyone was "wonderfully and carefully made" but the way they have chosen to present themselves is what I am here for. 
Difference between me and the people who may have seen these pictures before is that I have decided to take the risk of calling them out...SO help me God! lol

These pictures are strictly for humor purposes, life is too serious as is! You can be a Judge from the comfort of your couch, desk, phone, bed or wherever you are reading this from...

Find Below my List of "Absolute" YouNoTry's!

This babe in blue, in her mind eh?? kai


"i must match my bra and blazer" 

Like, who tucks in a shirt into leggings?

snow white, Yes/No/Maybe?

HELP me understand why chic isn't wearing her shoe size?or why she can't suck in her toes?? 

I have a problem with the scarf, the shoe, the hat, infact with the MAN

I refuse to label this picture but Chic! come the ***k ON!!

Doesn't this belt look like it is stopping circulation? Yes? NO?

Ralph gone wrong

Hiss...too angry to say what is on my mind, but i know YOU are thinking it too!!
I can't stress this enough, but if you are unsure, ask someone, "someone" that has your best interest at heart better yet! STAY HOME!


...Dencia the Drag!

I agree, I am about to look for trouble but isn't that what i do anyways...
see eh! i don't like this girl. There is no beef, i haven't met her before..dont know her story, i don't care either but what MY own problem is, her bothers me! Like i always say, i am sure it bothers some people too but let me be the scape goat...

Like i said, i don't know her, but i hear she is called "Dencia" and she sings occasionally, or maybe sometimes, na men, whatever it is, she sings sha..
Maybe..Just Maybe i don't understand her style...if you do help me explain, if you don't i guess that makes both of us!

Pls be guided: I am not being hateful or spiteful... I am just confused

You be the Judge Below:

 Maybe i am old fashioned or as my people will say, I don't know "whats up" but i know one thing for sure.....Dencia No try @all!!!

God will forgive me oo but if this was to be anybody's bride, Heavens forbid marriage!

this babe is a chameleon, she keeps changing color! i refuse to believe she owns this outfit in more than one color!

Look at the tacky nails....don't be distracted!

If you know her, advice her, if you don't , please don't copy her! Goodbye!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion VS Style..

My take on Fashion Vs. Style

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about fashion versus style lately…so this is what all my “thinking” has come up to..Enjoy!

when i think fashion, i often think of big business, about the hollow drive to make profits, often at the expense of human beings: the human beings that make those products in some far off country, the human beings that think they NEED to acquire those products because they feel they must be considered “current”. not to mention the toll this consumption takes on the planet, due to impact of certain production methods and pollution that results from that production and the disposal of discarded clothing and related products. not all companies and creators have this sort of impact, but there are many that do. at times, fashion is a concept or construct that seems huge, meta, a big shell, or umbrella.
i do buy things, i do follow fashion, design and style to a degree, but philosophically, i keep coming back to championing personal style. when i think “style” i think of the concept of a creative individual, implying *one* and in that i see authenticity, realness, and personality. i think of something that is completely unique, though it may be similar to other things in some manner. i think of something that is human, and small and precious.
so, some quick thoughts. nothing here is cut and dry. nothing is black and white. but even so, i feel like i want to articulate what i see as differences between the fashion industry as whole, as an industry, and the style of an individual, a person. this all comes from the fact that i have a desire to ask questions, to foster and spark a discussion. i feel i need to attempt to think about clothing, style, fashion in more than a “i want this and nothing more” sort of manner. i want to achieve moderation in my consumption and want to temper my desire for objects with intelligent consideration and thought. i’m positive i’ll add more to these thoughts over time, and i reserve the right to change my mind. i just feel the need to dump out the contents of my brain, as i am wont to do on occasion…

fashion isletting retailers, designers, magazines and other large companies whose main aim is to profit set trends for you to follow.
style is…setting your own trends, following your own muse, influencing other people with your creativity and confidence.
fashion isletting others do the thinking for you.
style is…thinking about everything. asking questions, taking chances. looking at oneself honestly. being fearless, being experimental within the construct of your own life and your own closet.
fashion issomething that changes seasonally, in a regimented way, driven by big business and the need to make you feel you need to acquire something new.
style issomething that evolves, matures, and changes over varied amounts of time, influenced and inspired by your age, gender, culture, nationality, geographic locale, interests, subculture, politics, religion, and a myriad of other factors.
fashion isoften mass produced, in multiples, not unique, not authentic.
style isas individual and completely unique as the DNA that resides in each of us on this planet. no two people can look at the world, and by extension, the building blocks of their closet or wardrobe, in the same exact manner.
fashion isstrictly looking at the magazines/celebs/websites/whatever and copying a “look”.
style issomewhat about doing it yourself, being creative (either making it yourself, or if you lack the dexterity, mixing what you do have in a creative, inspired manner). this relates to the individualism of style, as stated above.
fashion iskeeping up with the “trends” of the season. implying you are behind the curve instead of ahead of it.
style is…not giving a shit if there is a trend at all, or if so, following only those that make sense to you personally, considering the shape of your age, your body, your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes.

….This is strictly from my point of view.. i implore you to add to this any thoughts you might have.

Stay Tuned, “clothing is more than just the threads you envelop yourself in. it implies much and speaks volumes.” 


PS: I dedicate the "style" portion of this post to an awesome stylist and trendsetter, Ezinne Chinkata! She keeps it weird, fun and stylish! I see you babes

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Abeg, Follow me Laugh

As my fellow igbo folks will say, "Odiegwu!!!", or the easy "Na wa o" as many of us would understand I may sound like a broken record by now but this is rather serious oo.... Its one thing to do others wrong but to do YOURSELF wrong thats some level of guts i obviously don't have. I have been "trying" to put  pictures together for a post but Ha! i couldn't hold back on sharing these two...

I tried to zoom into this picture so you will see Eucharia on the right...(well on my right depending on ur position) but i am sure she stands out regardless. The Charcoal mixed with the Clay on her eye is very confusing...As in, how? why? believe it or not...i am short of words to describe this makeup, For starters..Nobody uses black on their eyebrow and it is mad obvious that Chic doesn't have any eye brows....She looks like an Ape...A brown haired Ape...(God will forgive me sha) but damn! Come on Lady...Younotry

This mgbeke here...had the audacity, the guts, the bold mind to collect this dress from the tailor, pay her (better yet if it was free) then worse of all....WEAR this to a red carpet event! No! u have got to be kidding me right?? is it the green mosquito net on the bottom or this satin that looks like the inner lining of drapes  or the lace wig that her residual hairline starts right on top of her eye brow or the fact that she tried to pull the "sexy-eye" look off. That is eh!, Mba nu!!! this is not acceptable @all... I have tried to find something positive about this picture, the person and the outfit but it is impossible. At this point you have to agree with me that she should have stayed home and not come out to embarrass herself.
Again..please do not blame me for the things i say, blame the people that give us something to humor about. The things we see, "i must attend" SMH!

Thanks for reading! Please if you have any pictures please send them to
PS: It does not have to be on red carpet oo, anything at all that does not sit right. Please do not try to spite your Ex-boyfriend's GF hand no dey! LOL

Stay Tuned, be a Fashionista!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

...They have come Again

Hmmmm, shebi when i talk now they will say I have bad mouth...but how is this my fault when people have decided to keep looking an utter-mess??!! Well, for the following "younotry's" today, thanks for giving me something to write about. As long as you keep embarrassing yourselves, leaving your house, going for a "red carpet event" and most of all having the BOLD GUTS to stand in front of the camera and pose looking like "that" then I have no apologizes for putting you up!

DISCLAIMER: I did not dress these people, I do not know these people, I am not being SPITEFUL, neither did I make them pose for the Camera. I only talk about things that have been brought to my notice, if you are angry or offended~~~U re solely on your own, in your pocket oo..

This is definitely the hardest one to actually understand what in the world was going through her head, but then again, she is a blonde and you know what they say about them..(in the event you don't, google it...i yabb folks i don't educate..Kpele)

Am i the only one that sees the love handles tho?
 I have a couple things bothering me about this picture..first is this chinese 3-in-1 weave on her hair plus the undergrowth, this is when it is really hard to comprehend, couldn't you have atleast fixed your hair?, I am not discussing the dress...but if you ask me, invest in a girdle and for your face, I am most certain she used Nixoderm or Shirley as a facial foundation (don't ask me how i know, you have eyes) #nuffsaid
Nixoderm or Shirley??

And i hear this woman is a designer?? You be the judge of that but one thing is certain, I wont be buying anything she EVER designs PERIOD!
Aunty, why would you go to a store and let them rip you off for an undersize shoe? see your toes like chicken feet, if you ask me,  wait! you don't have to ask but I will advice you to wear only cover shoes and spare us this grief! Dalu!!!
They call her Vina, i call her an ASSCLOWN!, where do i start? is it the hair? abi this colored sac she is wearing or is the shoe i there any reason why anyone will leave their BATHROOM, the most private place in your home let alone leave the house looking like this?? Na wa oo!! i must agree some babes have guts!...omo! Younotry..shikena!
Infact eh, not only are your in the wrong event, you are in the wrong country..give me one logical explanation behind this NONSENSE you have on? Why will any one in their right sense wear a fur coat in 150degrees biko?? I am sure you turned enough heads this night looking like a wet bear..*Loud Hiss*

I looked through Bella Naija-Karen's Party album and i have picked my best, when you view the album you can pick yours and my best dressed and effortless person is....
From her hair to the outfit to the shoes = ON POINT!

Once again, I am not being SPITEFUL but if you have the guts to pose for the camera best believe i will have the guts to BLOG you..and most importantly thank you for giving "Younotry" and its readers something to laugh about...

"Style is a simple way of saying complicated things"....Stay Tuned, be a Fashionista!